Expedition 4 (ISS-4)


  • Launch of ISS-4 crew on Space Shuttle mission UF1;
  • Operational support for undocking of spacecraft Progress M1-7;
  • Operational support for docking of spacecraft Progress M1-8;
  • Operational support for docking/undocking of spacecraft Space Shuttle missions 8A, UF2;
  • Unloading Progress M1-8 and Space Shuttle;
  • Continuing work on the Space Station deployment and maintaining it in good working order;
  • Extravehicular activites - performing two EVAs on the ISS RS from Docking Compartment DC1 Pirs and one EVA from Quest airlock on the USOS;
  • Carrying out a program of scientific and engineering research and experiments for Rosaviakosmos, Japanese space agency NASDA and European Space Agency ESA, contract-based commercial activities, as well as humanitarian educational project.
  • Carrying out work under Visiting Expedition ("taxi") 3 program;
  • Handover to ISS-5 and return of ISS-4 crew to Earth on Space Shuttle mission UF2.