Expedition 3 (ISS-3)


  • Insertion of ISS-3 crew by Space Shuttle during Flight 7A.1;
  • Support of the docking/undocking operations relative to the Progress M-45, Progress M-DC1, Soyuz TM-33 vehicles and Space Shuttles during flights 7A.1, UF1;
  • Support of the docking operations relative to Progress M1-7 vehicle;
  • Support of the undocking operations relative to the Soyuz TM-32 vehicle;
  • Progress, Soyuz and Shuttle unloading;
  • Going on with the Station assembly operations and maintenance;
  • Perform EVA - four space walks will be performed to the ISS Russian segment out of Pirs Docking Compartment DC1;
  • Implementation of the Research and Experimental Program ordered by Rosaviakosmos, NASDA and ESA, as well as the contract-based commercial activities;
  • Conduct of the activities under the Visiting Crew Program VC-2: Experiments under the Russian Program, Andromeda scientific program by order of National Center of Space Reseach of France (CNES); contractual works with the Globus Space company (Vzglyad program);
  • Crew handover to Expedition four (ISS-4) and return of ISS-3 crew by Space Shuttle Flight UF1.