Expedition 1 Videoarchive

The Soyuz TM-31 spacecraft docking with the International Space Station (ISS) was performed.

Following docking process and crew transfer to the ISS, briefing for Russian and foreign journalists from leading information agencies and TV programs took place in MCC-M.

On November 02, 2000 at 13:40, Moscow time (10 h. 40 min. GMT) crew opened hatches between Soyuz TM-31 spacecraft and Zvezda service module and transferred to ISS.

10/31/2000 Baikonur launch site
In the scope of further activities on implementation of the International Space Station (ISS) large-scale project the Soyuz TM-31 spacecraft was launched with the use of the Soyuz-U launch vehicle (LV).

10/31/2000 Baikonur launch site
Report to the State Commission Chairman.

10/31/2000 Baikonur launch site
Spacesuit Donning.

10/29/2000 Baikonur launch site
At 5:00 a.m. Moscow time launch-vehicle with the Soyuz TM space craft was transferred from the Assembly and Testing Facility to launch site.

10/28/2000 Baikonur launch site
Integration of the Soyuz TM space craft with the launch vehicle in the Assembly and Testing Facility.

10/27/2000 Baikonur launch site
The final crew fit check.

10/27/2000 Baikonur launch site
A press-conference on the crew fit check results was held at 10:00am Moscow time.

10/27/2000 Baikonur launch site
The crew fit check was accomplished at 8:00am.

10/19/2000 Baikonur launch site
Preparation of the Soyuz TM space craft for launch to the International Space sration with the first prime crew (ISS-1) is still in progress.

ISS Crew

Shannon Walker WALKER

leg Novitskiy Novitskiy

Petr Dubrov Dubrov

Mark Vande Hei Vande Hei

Michael Hopkins Hopkins

Victor Glover Glover

Soichi Noguchi Noguchi