Steps of ISS assembly

Spacecraft Launch date Landing date Station element
23 Progress M1-7 Nov 26, 2001 Mar 20, 2002  
24 Endeavour STS-108 Dec 6, 2001 Dec 17, 2001  
25 Progress M1-8 Mar 21, 2002 June 25, 2002  
26 Atlantis STS-110 Apr 8, 2002 Apr 19, 2002 S0 (S-zero) central truss section, mobile transporter

The Progress Ml-7 transport cargo vehicle was launched on November 26, 2001 from the Baikonur cosmodrome. The launch objective was the station transport and logistics support.
The vehicle was docked to the axial docking port of the Russian Zvezda Service Module, on November 28, however, at the final phase of mating the active Docking Assembly (DA) with the passive docking assembly of the Zvezda Module an Off-Nominal Situation occurred. This situation did not allow to complete nominal docking timeline. To recover from it the crew of ISS-3 performed an EVA on December 3, 2001. During the EVA performed from the Russian docking compartment - Pirs module, cosmonauts M. Turin and V. Dezhurov removed a foreign object from DA of the Zvezda Module. This object turned out to be a sealing rubber ring of the active docking assembly of the Progress M-45 vehicle, which had remained their since undocking on November 22, 2001. As a result of this EVA, the vehicle docking with the ISS was finally completed. The vehicle delivered the following to the ISS: about 2.4 tones of cargoes including propellant for refueling the Service Module united propulsion system. Among the delivered cargoes there were food rations, fresh fruit, potable water, equipment intended for the orbital station systems, scientific equipment, flight documentation, parcels for the crew members and many others.
On March 19, 2002, undocking of the Progress M1-7 vehicle from the Russian Zvezda Service Module was performed. On March 20, following the vehicle retreat to a safe distance, Russian-Australian Kolibri science-educational micro-satellite was launched from it, and the TCV was deorbited along a descent trajectory to the specified area of the World Ocean.

The U.S. Shuttle Orbiter Endeavour was launched on December 6, 2001 (DMT) and during mission STS-108 (the ISS assembly program, flight number: UF-1) it docked with the ISS. The crew members were Dominic Gorie (commander). Mark Kelly (pilot), Linda Godwin, Daniel Tani, Yuri Onufrienko, Carl Walz and Daniel Bursch (mission specialists).
The mission objective was delivery of Expedition Four crew (ISS-4) consisting of Yuri Onufrienko, Carl Walz and Daniel Bursch to the ISS and return of Expedition Three crew (ISS-3) consisting of Frank Culbertson, Vladimir Dezhurov, Mikhail Turin who had been operating onboard the Orbital Complex since August 12, 2001, to the Earth and also delivery of cargoes in the Italian Rafaello pressurized module. In the course of the joint flight of the Orbiter and the Station the U.S. astronauts performed an EVA during which operations on thermal insulation of solar array actuators were implemented on the U.S. Segment. Four orbital reboost maneuvers of the ISS were performed using the Orbiter thrusters. The Endeavour crew performed undocking on December 15 and landing to the Earth on December 17.

On March 21, 2002, the Soyuz-U LV with the Progress M1-8 transport cargo vehicle was launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome; on March 24 the Progress TCV was docked in an automatic mode to the Zvezda Service Module propulsion compartment. The objective of the launch is to provide ISS maintenance including delivery of about 2.4 t of different cargoes to the station; the cargo includes more than 780 kg of fuel to support life and operation of the Prime Expedition Four crew and forthcoming Russian Visiting Expedition Three.
On June 25, 2002, the Progress M1-8 TCV was undocked from the ISS and following a retroburn it was deorbited along a descent trajectory to the specified area of the Pacific Ocean.

On April 8, 2002, the U.S. Shuttle Atlantis STS-110 was launched (the ISS deployment program, the mission number is 8A) that was docked to the ISS on April 10. The crew included NASA astronauts Michael Bloomfield (commander), Stephen Frick (mission's pilot), Rex Walheim, Ellen Ochoa, Lee Morin, Jerry Ross and Steve Smith (mission specialists). The mission objective is to deliver and install onto the station the center segment of the ISS Main Truss (section S0) with a Mobile Transporter installed on it and designed for moving of astronauts and cargoes along the Main Truss by special rails, as well as telescopic ladder to make easier astronauts and cosmonauts travel during EVA. During the joint flight the U.S. astronauts performed four spacewalks. The Atlantis engines performed three corrections of the ISS orbit. On April 17 the Atlantis crew implemented the Shuttle undocking and on April 19 the landing was performed.