Steps of ISS assembly

Spacecraft Launch date Landing date Station element
6 Progress M1-3 Aug 6, 2000 Nov 1, 2000  
7 Atlantis STS-106 Sep 8, 2000 Sep 20, 2000  

On August 6, 2000 Progress M1-3, the first cargo vehicle under the ISS program, was inserted into the Earth orbit. It was launched from cosmodrome Baikonur on LV Soyuz-U.

On August 9, 2000 cargo vehicle Progress M1-3 was successfully docked to ISS. Complex Progress M1-3 - Zvezda-Zarya-Unity with a mass of about 60 tons operates on the orbit.

The cargo vehicle was docked to the Zvezda free port located on its longitudinal axis from the Assembly Compartment side. Progress M1-3 has delivered to ISS about 1.5 tons of propellants for Zvezda propulsion system refuelling and about 615 kg of various cargoes and science equipment to outfit the module systems providing the ISS manned flight. The Progress M1-3 cargo vehicle was undocked from the ISS on-orbit complex on November 1, 2000.

On September 8, 2000 the Atlantis Space Shuttle was launched under STS-106 Mission (ISS Program, Flight 2A.2b). The Space Shuttle carried the following crew-members: US astronauts T. Wilcutt, commander; S. Altman, E. Lu, R. Mastraccio, D. Burbank; Russian cosmonauts Yu. Malenchenko and B. Morukov. On September 10 the Atlantis Space Shuttle docked with the stack of the Unit Module - Zarya FGB - Zvezda SM - logistics vehicle Progress M1-3. A 169-ton Orbital Complex has been built.

Crew unloaded logistics vehicle Progress M1-3 and the Atlantis Space Shuttle, activated the Zvezda Module basic systems and performed the assembly-disassembly operations in the Complex pressurized compartments. The Zarya FGB - based tele-operated control system and the docking mechanism probe were dismantled. The Service Module was outfitted with extra onboard computer, veloergometer, treadmill, the Elektron system, sanitation device, power supply system assemblies and other equipment.

On September 11 Russian cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko and U.S. astronaut Edward Lu during their spacewalk made an inspection of the ISS structural members condition, installed and connected the Zarya FGB/Zvezda SM external electric cables, provided maximum possible deployment of the docking alignment target carried by SM as well as installed boom carrying magnetometer on the SM surface.

The Atlantis thrusters - aided reboosting of the ISS orbit was carried out four times during September 11-17. On September 18 the crew completed the undocking and on September 20 it conducted landing.