Complex N1-L3


Rocket-Space Complex N1-L3 integrated with three-stage launch vehicle N1 and Lunar Complex L3 (designed under the Lunar Manned Program)

Launch vehicle N1 was designed of three stages (A, B, V) connected with transfer compartments of a truss type and a core stage. A structural arrangement included a shell receiving external loads and accommodating fuel tanks (with an oxidizer tank in the front part), engines, and other systems in its interior.
The rocket was a package design with suspended, single-unit, spherical fuel tanks and multi-engine propulsion units on stages I, II, and III.

Principal characteristics of Rocket-Space Complex N1-L3 (7L)

Mass of payload delivered to the Earth orbit,
(Hcirc = 200 km), t

Launch mass, t

Propellants mass, t

  • oxygen    
  • kerosene

Total thrust of engines ground thrust, tf






The L3 system was designed of rocket stages G and D, its Lunar Orbiter (LOK) and rocket stage I, and its lunar vehicle (LK) and rocket stage E, a payload fairing protecting systems from aerodynamic and heat exposure in dense layers of atmosphere that was jettisoned when certain velocity heads have been achieved, as well as an emergency rescue system PU for the Lunar Orbiter descent module escape from the accidental LV.

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