Launch vehicle Energia


Experience gained from developing the LV of this class could be very efficiently employed in other branches of industry. In 1989, NPO Energia in cooperation with related organizations worked up a catalog "Scientific ad Technological Achievements Implemented in Energia-Buran Space System - to National Economy" containing about 600 proposals which could bring economic effect of around 6 milliards of rubles ( at prices of 1989).
Development of LV Energia offered a promise for a number of global projects of a large international importance. At NPO Energia, in a period from 1987 to 1993, design studies on space systems based on LV Energia were carried out to meet the following goals:

  • recovery of the Earth's ozone layer;
  • removal of the Earth's radioactive wastes beyond the Solar System;
  • illumination of polar towns;
  • development of large space reflectors to relay energy;
  • development of a solar sail for interplanetary missions;
  • usage of the lunar resources;
  • development of an ecological monitoring system and ensuring of strategic stability;
  • development of a single international global information system;
  • removal of space debris from low Earth orbits;
  • exploration of Galaxy by means of large space radio telescopes.

However, a total recession in the Russian industry had an unfavorable effect on the Energia-Buran project. In 1992, the Russian Space Agency decided to terminate this work and mothball all what has been done. By then, the second Orbiter has been assembled and assembly of the third Orbiter with improved performance was under completion.

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