Launch vehicle Energia


LV Energia assembling in the launch site assembly & test building. Fly-by of the shell with stage I and assembled rocket "package".

LV Energia transportation on a special transporter-erector

In December 1982, in the assembly & test building, the first "LV-test rocket package" was assembled and subjected to dynamic tests and fit checks using the Ukrainian ground support equipment.
In a period from March to October 1985, the core stage undergone "cold" bench tests on the versatile complex "Stand-Start" to verify the fueling technology including supercooled liquid hydrogen fill in. Two firing tests of the core stage were carried out thereupon.
During the first firing test (scheduled for 20 seconds), 2.58 seconds following the PU ignition, an "Automatic termination of pre-launch processing" was commanded because of a slow speedup of one pressurization pump. In parallel, a helium pressure drop was recorded in several pneumatic lines. During further examination of the rocket a destruction of one pneumatic line (a tube of 20 mm dia) was revealed that required certain measures to enhance reliability.
The first firing test scheduled for 390 seconds has been accomplished without critical comments.
A large amount of ground experimental development of the structure, functional testing of all its systems and equipment was the key to success in designing LV Energia. Flight tests only proved the design performance. In total, tests have been carried out on 232 experimental setups and 30 strength assemblies to verify LV Energia that corresponded to manufacturing of four complete flight LV sets.

LV Energia
on versatile complex

Transportation of LV Energia
to versatile "Stand-Start" complex
(with a spacecraft attached
to the exterior)

LV Energia on the versatile "Stand-Start" complex
for the first flight test processing

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