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On April 12, 1961, the Soviet Union launched into orbit around Earth the world's first manned spacecraft Vostok.
The cosmonaut piloting the Vostok spacecraft is a citizen of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics pilot major GAGARIN, Yuri Alexeevich.
The launch of the multistage space rocket was successful, and after reaching orbital velocity and separating from the final stage of the launch vehicle the spacecraft began its free flight in orbit around Earth.
According to preliminary data, the orbital period of the spacecraft is 89.1 minutes; the minimal distance to Earth surface (at perigee) is 175 kilometers, and the maximum distance (at apogee) is 302 kilometers; the orbital plane inclination angle with respect to the equator is 65 degrees 4 minutes.
The mass of the spacecraft with the cosmonaut pilot is 4725 kilograms, without taking into account the mass of the final stage of the launch vehicle.
Two-way communications with the cosmonaut, comrade GAGARIN, has been established and is being maintained. The frequencies of the onboard shortwave transmitters are 9.019 megahertz and 20.006 megahertz, and in the ultra-short wave range it is 143.625 megahertz. The condition of the cosmonaut is being monitored in flight using radio-telemetry and TV systems.
Comrade GAGARIN has survived the orbital insertion on board Vostok satisfactorily, and at present feels well. Systems maintaining inside the spacecraft cabin the environment necessary for life are functioning normally.
The orbital flight of Vostok spacecraft piloted by cosmonaut comrade GAGARIN continues.

9 hours 52 minutes
According to data received from onboard Vostok spacecraft at 9 hours 52 minutes, Moscow Time, cosmonaut pilot major Gagarin flying over South America sent the following message: "The mission progresses smoothly, I feel well".

10 hours 15 minutes
At 10 hours 15 minutes, Moscow Time, cosmonaut pilot major Gagarin flying over Africa sent the following message from onboard Vostok spacecraft: "The mission progresses smoothly, I support zero gravity well".

10 hours 25 minutes
At 10 hours 25 minutes, Moscow Time, having made an orbit around the globe per pre-programmed mission plan, the retro-pack fired a burn and the manned spacecraft carrying its pilot cosmonaut major Gagarin began its descent from orbit to land at a designated landing site in the Soviet Union.

About successful return of man from the first mission to space

After successful completion of the research program and the mission plan, on April 12, 1961, at 10 hours 55 minutes, the soviet manned spacecraft Vostok successfully landed at its designated landing site in the Soviet Union. Pilot cosmonaut major Gagarin sent the following message: "PLEASE INFORM THE PARTY, THE GOVERNMENT AND PERSONNALLY NIKITA SERGEEVICH KHRUSHCHEV THAT THE LANDING WENT WELL. I FEEL WELL, I HAVE NO INJURIES OR BRUISES"

Accomplishment of a manned space mission opens up new vistas for humanity's conquest of space.


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