History of Manned Flights

Orbital Complex Mir

Contribution to the ISS Development

The MIR Station has become a peculiar flight site for real-time validation of many technical solutions and production processes used on the International Space Station.

  • A modular approach for building on-orbit space large-size and large-mass facilities has been first implemented in the world practice (up to 240 t)
  • Use of the Soyuz, Progress, Space Shuttle was approved as transport vehicles to deliver crews and logistics
  • International crews interaction in long-duration flights has been tested
  • Process of keeping the Station in an operational state during a long-duration flight (more than 15 years) has been tested
  • An experience in preventing off-nominal situations, assuring crew safety and station survivability has been acquired
  • An experience in simultaneous performance of several International science programs by the integrated crew has been acquired
  • An experience in combining two engineering schools in development of space technology for joint utilization has been acquired
  • Joint control of manned space objects of two countries from MCC-M (Korolev, Russia) and MCC-H (Houston, USA) has been validated.

Orbital Complex MIR International Space Station

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