KOMAROV Vladimir Mikhailovich

Pilot-Cosmonaut of the USSR
Twice Hero of the Soviet Union
Serial number - 11 (7)
Number of flights - 2
Flight duration - 2 days 03 hr 04 min 55 s

Born on March 16, 1927 in Moscow, RSFSR.

Perished on April 24, 1967 when completing a test flight on SC Soyuz-1 because of the failure of the descent module parachute system. Komarov was buried in Moscow on the Red Square in the Kremlin wall.

In 1943 Komarov finished 7 classes of Secondary School 235 in Moscow. In 1945 he finished 10 classes of the 1st Moscow Special Air Force School. In September 1946 Komarov entered Borisoglebsk Military Pilot School. Passed a course of theoretical training and in July 1946 he was transferred to Bataisk Military Pilot School. In December 1949 Komarov graduated from A.K. Serov Military Pilot School in Bataisk. In 1959 he graduated from the Airspace Weapons department of Air Force Engineering Academy after N.E. Zhukovsky.

From December 31, 1949 Komarov served as a pilot, and from November 28, 1951 he was a senior pilot of 382 EAR of 42 fighter division, AF, North Caucasus MR which was disposed at the Hankal airdrome near Grozny.
From October 27, 1952 to August 1954 he served as a senior pilot of 486 EAR of 279 FD, the 57-th Air Army in Western Ukraine.
From September 3, 1959 to his enrollment in the cosmonaut corps. he served as an assistant leading engineer, a test engineer of the 3rd department of the 5th Division of GKNII, AF, in the Chkalovskiy settlement.
On May 6, 1967 he was excluded from the list of officers of the Armed Forces of the USSR in connection with his death.

Lieutenant (1949).
Senior Lieutenant (1952).
Senior Engineer-Lieutenant (1959).
Engineer-Captain (1959).
Engineer-Lieutenant Colonel (1964).
Engineer-Colonel (1964).

On April 4, 1961 Komarov was assigned to a post of AF CTC cosmonaut.
Since January 16, 1963 he was a cosmonaut of the cosmonaut corps.
On January 23, 1965 he was appointed an instructor-cosmonaut.
On March 14, 1966 he was appointed a senior instructor-cosmonaut, head of the 3rd Division.

On March 7, 1960 by Order of the Air Force Commander 267 Komarov was assigned to a post of AF CTC trainee-cosmonaut.
From March 1960 to April 1961 he passed general space training and on April 3, 1961 Komarov successfully passed the final examinations. On April 4, 1961 Komarov was assigned to a post of AF CTC cosmonaut.
In June 1962 he replaced suspended from training Gregory Nelubov and till August passed training as a backup of Vostok-4 pilot. During the launch of Vostok-4 spacecraft on August 12, 1962 he was a backup of the spacecraft pilot.
Since September 1962 Komarov passed training for the group flight as a backup of Vostok-5 pilot. In May 1963 he was suspended from training because of health problems.
From June to September 1964 he passed training a commander of Voskhod SC crew within the cosmonaut group, and since July 1964 he passed training in the crew with Konstantin Feoktistov and Aleksei Sorokin (who later on was changed by Boris Egorov). On October 9, 1964 by decision of the State Commission Komarov was appointed commander of the prime crew of the Voskhod spacecraft.

The first flight:
Komarov performed his first spaceflight at a period of October 12-13, 1964 as commander of the Voskhod spacecraft together with Konstantin Feoktistov and Boris Egorov.
His call sign is Rubin-1.
The flight duration was 1 day 00 hr 17 min 03 sec.

From September 1965 to March 1967 he passed training as commander of active Soyuz-1 under the Docking program. On March 30, 1967 he passed the integrated examinations for flight preparation (theoretical training and practice of SC control on the simulator).

The second flight:
Komarov performed his second spaceflight at a period of April 23-24, 1967 as commander of the Soyuz-1 spacecraft.
His call sign is Rubin-1.
The flight program planned the Soyuz-1 SC docking to the Soyuz-2 SC and transfer of Alexei Eliseev and Evgeniy Khrunov from one spacecraft to the other through open space but because of unopening of one of the solar array panels on the Soyuz-1 SC the Soyuz-2 SC launch was cancelled.
The Soyuz-1 SC made a premature landing but in the final phase of the spacecraft descent to the ground the parachute system failed and the descent module crashed on the east to Orsk, Orenburg region, Komarov perished.
The flight duration was 1 days 02 hr 47 min 52 sec.

Twice Hero of the Soviet Union (1964, 1967 posthumously).
Pilot-Cosmonaut of the USSR (1964).
Hero of Labour of DRV (1964).

Military Pilot 3rd Class.
Air Force Parachute Landing Instructor (1962).
Military Pilot 1st Class (1964).
Cosmonaut 3rd Class (1964).

Decorated with two medals such as Gold Star of Hero of the Soviet Union (1964, 1967 posthumously), Order of Lenin (1964, 1967), Order of the Red Star (1961), Distinguished Service Medal (1956), Medal for the Development of Virgin Lands (1964) and five jubilee medals.
He is also decorated with Medal: Gold Star of Hero of Labour of DRV (1964).
The USSR Academy of Sciences research vessel, lunar crater and minor planet 1836 are named after him.

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