FEOKTISTOV Konstantin Petrovich

Pilot-Cosmonaut of the USSR
Hero of the Soviet Union
Serial number - 12 (8)
Number of flights - 1
Flight duration - 1 day 00 hr 17 min 03 sec

Born on February 7, 1926 in Voronezh, RSFSR.

Died on the night of November 22, 2009 in Moscow. He was buried at the Troekurov cemetery in Moscow on November 25, 2009.

In 1943 Feoktistov finished the Secondary School in Kokand, the Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic; to where he was evacuated.
In 1949 he graduated from Moscow State Technical University after N.E. Bauman specializing as a mechanical engineer.
In 1955 he finished a post-graduate course at NII-4, Ministry of Defence.
On January 25, 1955 Feoktistov received a Candidate's degree.
On July 27, 1967 he received a degree of Doctor of Sciences.

From August 1949 to October 1951 Feoktistov worked as an engineer, senior engineer, head of SKB-385 group of the Ministry of Weapons in New Zlatoust, Chelyabinsk region.
In 1953-1955 while passing a post-graduate course at NII-4 of the USSR Ministry of Defence he worked there as a senior engineer and a junior researcher. Since 1955 Feoktistov was a senior researcher of NII-4 From December 23, 1957 he worked as Head of the Group of Department 9 (design) of OKB-1. He suggested a spherical shape of the descent module for the future Vostok spacecraft.
Since February 14, 1959 he worked as Head of Sector and since June 14, 1961 he was Acting Deputy Head of Department and simultaneously Head of Sector and from January 12, 1962 Feoktistov was Head of Department 9 of OKB -1.
Upon formation of a cosmonaut corps he taught at the Cosmonaut Training Center, gave the first cosmonauts a course of lectures on the Vostok spacecraft structure.
Since July 20, 1963 he was Deputy Head of Department 3, Head of Sector, a leading designer. Led the design of the Vostok spacecraft (1KP, 1K, 3KA).
Since September 1, 1964 Feoktistov was Deputy Head of Department 93, Head of Sector.
Since August 16, 1966 he worked as Deputy Head of Department 211, Head of Sector, a leading designer of spacecraft 3KA, 3KD and 11F615. Participated in the design of lunar vehicles 11F93 and 11F94.
After retiring from the cosmonaut corps since October 1987 he continued working as Deputy General Designer of NPO Energia.
On May 10, 1990 Feoktistov was dismissed from NPO Energia in connection with his transfer to another job.
In 1990-2005 he was Professor of Moscow State Technical University after H.E. Bauman.

From July 7 to August 28, 1942 he served in the Army in the Field in the reconnaissance company of Voronezh garrison, military unit 3051 at the Bryansk Front. He was captured by fascists and executed by shooting. The throat wounding was not fatal and after medical treatment K.P. Feoktistov was demobilized.


On May 27, 1968 by Order of General Machine-Building Ministry 163 Feoktistov was enrolled in Department 731 (the cosmonaut corps) of TsKBEM. From September 12, 1968 he worked as Deputy Head of Complex 2 for DOS-7K development. From November 13, 1973 Feoktistov worked as a research leader of the subject line, Deputy Chief Designer of Complex 27K.
From June 20, 1974 he was Deputy General Designer of NPO Energia.
From January 1, 1977 he was an instructor-test cosmonaut 3rd Class.
On October 28, 1987 Feoktistov was discharged from the cosmonaut corps because of his disability retirement.

In May-June 1964 Feoktistov was sent for a medical examination to TsVNIAG for selection under the Voskhod program. In June 1964 he received the Medical Board approval. On June 11, 1964 Feocktistov was selected by the Mandate Commission for training for a spaceflight on onboard Voskhod SC.
From June to October 1964 he passed training as a researcher-cosmonaut for a space flight onboard the Voskhod SC, first within the cosmonaut group but from July 1964 in the crew together with Vladimir Komarov and Aleksei Sorokin. On October 9, 1964 by decision of the State Commission he was assigned to the prime crew of the Voskhod spacecraft together with Vladimir Komarov and Boris Egorov.

The First Flight:
He performed his first spaceflight on October 12-13, 1964 as a researcher-cosmonaut of the Voskhod SC together with Vladimir Komarov and Boris Egorov.
His call sign was Rubin-2.
The flight duration was 1 day 00 hr 17 min 03 sec.

Since June 1967 he passed training for a spaceflight onboard the Soyuz SC (11F615) at TsKBEM.
From February to May 1968 Feoktistov passed training at CTC within the first crew of the Soyuz spacecraft but was suspended from training by health reasons.
In 1968 he within the cosmonaut group under the lunar program traveled to Somalia to explore the star sky of the southern hemisphere.
From May to October 1980 he passed training as a researcher-cosmonaut of the prime crew of the Soyuz T-3 spacecraft with the task of repairing the thermal control system of long-term orbital station (DOS) Salyut-6 together with Leonid Kizim and Oleg Makarov. In October 1980 by decision of the Chief Medical Board he was suspended from training for a spaceflight by health reasons and replaced in the crew by Gennady Strekalov.

Hero of the Soviet Union (1964).
Pilot-Cosmonaut of the USSR (1964).
Hero of Labour of DRV (1964).

Cosmonaut 3rd Class (1964).

Has more than 150 scientific works and 20 inventions.
Author of such books as Seven Stepts to Heaven (1984), Space Technology. Prospects for Development (1997), The path of Life (2000), Reminiscences and Reflections of the researcher-cosmonaut (2005). Co-author of the books: On Orbital Gliders (1982), Spacecraft (1983).

He was decorated with such a medal as Gold Star of Hero of the Soviet Union (1964), Order of Lenin (1964), Order of the Patriotic War First Class (1965, 1975), Order of the Red Banner (1957, 1961), Order of the Badge of Honour (1974), Medals For Victory over Germany (1946), For the Development of Virgin Lands (1964). Feoktistov is Lenin Prize winner (1966) and USSR State Prize Winner (1976).
He was also decorated with the following Medal: Gold Star of Hero of Labour of DRV (1964).
The crater on the lunar farside is named after him.

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