Vitaly Alexandrovich Lopota

Vitaly Lopota

He was born on September 28, 1950, in Grozny.

He began his working career as a fitter at an oil refinery in Grozny, then graduated from Grozny chemical and technological college specializing in control, automatic and telemechanics equipment After completing army service, he studied in Leningrad Polytechnical Institute (known as University since 1990), where, after completing postgraduate studies in 1981, he rose through the ranks, starting off as a junior research associate, to eventually become a professor, a department chairman and the director of an industrial research laboratory (belonging to the Ministry of Defense Industry of the USSR) known as the Laser Technology Center.
1991-2007 Since 1991 he has been the director and chief designer of the Central Research and Development Institute for Robotics and Engineering Cybernetics (TsNII RTK).
2007-2014 - President and General Designer of S.P. Korolev RSC Energia.

Under V.A. Lopota's direction the economic activities of the Corporation were stabilized, programs were initiated and carried out for its re-tooling and upgrade, social support and construction of housing on special terms for the company employees.

S.P.Korolev RSC Energia is a strategically important company in Russia, the prime organization in the country for development and operation of manned rocket and space systems, launchers and robotic space systems for various applications and it provides fulfillment of Russia's commitments under the International Space Station (ISS) Program. Manufactured and launched during the period when V.A. Lopota was in office were more than 50 Soyuz TMA and Progress M spacecraft, two new research modules Poisk and Rassvet, spacecraft/module Progress M-MRM2, and about 30 upper stages of the Block DM type, etc. Successfully completed have been the scheduled programs of more than 20 expeditions and 5 visiting missions to ISS, including reception onboard of more than 80 cosmonauts and astronauts from various countries, integration with the space station's Russian Segment of the European transportation vehicles ATV.

Support was provided for ascent from parking low-Earth orbits to target orbits for several dozens of spacecraft for various purposes under governmental and commercial programs (Glonass, etc.)

In 2009, the problem of upgrading manufacturing facilities and doubling the production rate of Soyuz TMA spacecraft was solved, which made it possible to transition to continuous safe operation of the ISS crew of 6. New series of Soyuz TMA and Progress M spacecraft equipped with state-of-the-art digital systems have been developed and they have passed flight tests. Advanced manned transportation system with a new-generation manned transportation spacecraft is under development. In 2010 the preliminary design work was completed, and the next phase has begun.

Vitaly Lopota cultivated Corporation activities aimed at developing state-of-the-art Russian robotic space systems and launchers. With respect to unmanned space systems for Russian and foreign customers, work was conducted on advanced designs for specialized satellites based on the multi-purpose satellite bus. Work was performed under the Sea Launch project. New-generation rocket and space systems were being development, including light launch vehicles. The work has been started on the project of a nuclear-powered energy and transportation module.

Being the Chairman of the Council of Directors of companies based in Korolev, town of science, V.A. Lopota paid much attention to urban development issues, particularly, job creation, expansion and upgrading production facilities in the space industry, construction of housing and buildings of social significance.

One of the highest priorities for Vitaly Lopota is to preserve and further develop the Korolev's school of Russian rocket and space science. With his active participation, a full-time post-graduate courses and the council which can confer academic ranks have been re-established at the Company.

Being a distinguished scientist, he actively initiates the introduction of advanced project management methods to the development of rocket and space systems, new computer-based technologies for design and engineering analysis, including development of advanced space systems using functional integration. He develops mechatronic principles for constructing robotic components on the basis of standardization of modules, introduces wide use of optoelectronic and photonic technologies in control systems, supports development of control technologies for working in complex and uncertain environments. Developed with his direct participation were networking technologies for high-speed data processing and transmission needed to control complex facilities in real time, robot-based processes for highly efficient materials processing using high-power lasers.

Vitaly Alexandrovich Lopota is a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Science, Engineering. He has published more than 300 scientific papers, and he holds about 60 patents for inventions.

He is an Honored Worker of Science of the Russian Federation, he was awarded the Order of Merit for the Fatherland, IV Class, and other awards.


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