A Line of Prosthetic Appliances

In 1989 by the Government decision the responsibility for development of up-to-date prosthetics systems for people with locomotor system damaged was laid on NPO Energia This trend became one of the leading ones in the conversion activities of the enterprise.

Serial production of wide nomenclature of modern modules and units for upper-and lower-limb prostheses and also orthopedic apparatus was developed and provided at RSC Energia based on a high scientific and technical potential of the staff and fruitful cooperation with Moscow and St. Petersburg organizations leading in the prosthetics field and the active support of Ministry of Health Protection and Social Development (Ministry of Labour) of the Russian Federation and Roscosmos of the Russian Federation.

The whole system of new prosthetic and orthopedic products was modular-constructed. A prosthetics specialist can assembly practically any prosthesis of separate modules individually for a particular patient.

The first serial modules of low-limb prostheses were produced already in 1990.

The development of new materials for prosthetic and orthopedic products, first, for receiving sockets, as well as specialized tooling and appliances for prosthetic and orthopedic enterprises and workshops is one of the trends of OAO RSC Energia activities.

Stand Base for Autonomous Tests of Prosthetic and Orthopedic Products

The experimental stand base which is equipped with the required home-produced and foreign equipment was established at OAO RSC Energia. The base provides both the development and certification tests of POP modules and units developed and produced by the Corporation that assures the long-duration operation of prostheses in actual conditions.

For certification tests of produced in-series modules and units of prosthetic and orthopedic products (POP) for compliance with the Russian and International standards the test laboratory for prosthetic and orthopedic products was established at OAO RSC Energia. It is accredited in R GOST system.

For performance verification in actual conditions POP modules and units within prostheses are subjected to operational tests.

Manufacture of Prosthectic and Orthopedic Products

The specialized Department for serial production of prosthetics systems was established at ZAO ZEM OAO RSC Energia in 1994.
It occupies an area above 4000 sq.m. The staff number is about 100 people.

The Department is outfitted with high-precision foreign and home-produced equipment.

The production capacities allow to produce up to 40 thou. of conventional prostheses annually.

More than 300 names and standard sizes of prosthetic and orthopedic products have been mastered, put into serial production and successfully implemented.


More than 10 new developments of the enterprise are decorated with medals and diplomas at International exhibitions. The European Council authorities approval was received to label more than 60 modules developed by OAO RSC Energia with the International certification mark.

For development and putting lower-limb products in prosthetics practice a group of leading specialists of the Corporation and allied organizations was awarded the State Prize of the Russian Federation in 1999.

Gold medal Silver medal Bronze medal

Deliveries of Prosthetic and Orthopedic Products

The Map of Deliveries of Prosthetic and Orthopedic Products OAO RSC Energia prosthic and orthopedic products are in persistent demand on the Russian and world markets.

Only in Russia OAO Energia modules are purchased by about 90 prosthetic and orthopedic enterprises, ateliers and workshops more than 50 of which are large-scale federal enterprises.

Among near and remote foreign countries there are the following users of prosthetic and orthopedic products made by OAO RSC Energia: Republic of Belarus, Germany, Greece, Italy, Canada, Latvia, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, USA, Turkey, France, Estonia, South African Republic, South Korea.

OAO RSC Energia subsidiary "Orthotic Industry Moscow Energia (OIME) established in 1992 is engaged in sale of prosthetic and orthopedic products and materials required for prosthetics systems.

Services Rendered

Research and development activities for prosthetic and orthopedic industry including launching of products manufacture.

Conduct of certification tests of prosthetic and orthopedic products produced in-series.

Training of prosthetics specialists in up-to-date technologies and manufacture of prostheses using new modules and units of own development.

Elaboration and issue of information - promotional materials, prospectus, catalogs for enterprises of prosthetic and orthopedic industry.

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