Universal Space Platform

The Universal Space Platform was developed by S.P. Korolev RSC Energia within the Yamal project. It has gone flight qualification as a part of the Yamal-100 communication satellite launched on September 6, 1999. Using the Universal Space Platform as the basis, RSC Energia provides activities in any scope:

  • development and turn-key of communication systems and Earth remote sensing (ERS) systems as a whole;
  • development and launch of different-purpose satellites;
  • platform adaptation as a part of specific space vehicle of another developer.

Working orbits

Low (including SSO),
middle, HEO, GEO

Dry space platform (SP) mass

9501200 kg

Payload (PL) mass:

for low, middle, high-elliptical orbits
for GEO


5001000 kg
250300 kg

PL electric power:

for low, middle, high-elliptical orbits
for GEO


up to 3000 W
2200 W

Attitude control


SP attitude control accuracy

36 min of arc

Stabilization accuracy:

- in angle
- in angular rate


1 min of arc
0.001...0.002 deg of arc/s

Nominal voltage

28.5 V

Flight service life

for low, middle, high-elliptical orbits
for GEO


at least 7 years
up to 12.5 years

SSO - Sun-synchronous orbit
HEO - High-elliptical orbit
GEO - geostationary orbit

Key features of the Multi-purpose Satellite Bus

  • No pressurized compartments traditionally used in satellites.
  • Compartments, solar array panels, on-board antennas made of sandwiched honeycomb structures based on composite materials.
  • Power supply system based on solar arrays and Ni-H storage batteries.
  • Passive thermal control system using heat pipes.
  • Motion control system based on optical sensors, high-precision angular rate meters and momentum wheels.
  • Electrical propulsion unit operating on xenon (liquid- and gas-based are also possible).
  • A single on-board control system based on an advanced computer system which provides a functional unity for all on-board systems is redundant, and is easily adapted to the requirements of the specific payload installed on the bus through the use of specialized software.

The key feature of the design is a pronounced modularity assuring high manufacturability and ease of the integration and testing of the Multi-purpose Satellite Bus-based spacecraft

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