Results of the contest for the drawings devoted to space topic summarised
March 5, 2015

The contest for the drawings devoted to space topic Aleksei Leonov, the pilot-cosmonaut, Twice Hero of the Soviet Union, personally selected eight winners from the 12 nominees of the contest for space-related drawings which had been held under the auspices of RSC Energia and concluded in the Star City.

The Council of Chief Designers for the Russian Segment of the ISS RSC Energia held a session of the Council of Chief Designers for the Russian Segment of the ISS
March 3, 2015 More...

RSC Energia has held a session of the Council of Chief Designers for the Russian Segment of the International Space Station.
The Council of Chief Designers has reviewed the launch readiness of the manned transportation spacecraft Soyuz TMA-16M and launch vehicle Soyuz-FG, the readiness of Soyuz TMA-14M for completion of its flight, the readiness of the ISS, launch and range facilities, equipment and personnel of LOCT and MCC, search and rescue vehicles, crew medical support, the crews of Expeditions ISS-43/44 for the upcoming work.

RSC Energia team is the winner  of chess competitions RSC Energia team won the second stage of the sports contest of industry's enterprises
March 3, 2015 More...

RSC Energia representatives won "gold" in individual men and team classifications of chess competitions within the second stage of the sports contest of rocket and space industry's enterprises.
Competitions took place on February, 28 and on March, 1 on the basis of JSC "IPK Mashpribor" among men and women according to "the swiss system" of seven rounds. RSC Energia team was represented by Darya Shaikina, Anatoliy Polischuk, Andrey Tregubov, Oleg Kalinichenko (on the photo).

RSC Energia team - bronze medals’ winners of sports contest RSC Energia skiers came third in the team classification of second sports contest of the rocket and space industry
February 26, 2015 More...

RSC Energia employees won bronze medals in the team classification of the first stage of second sports contest of the rocket and space industry enterprises.
The sports contest started with a traditional winter sport - ski races. RSC Energia team included Sergey Shvedov, Artem Yurchenko and Anna Fursaeva.

The young employee of RSC Energia will be getting a grant from the President of the Russian Federation
February 24, 2015 More...

The young specialist of RSC Energia Vitaliy Kapranov became the winner of the contest for grant of the President of the Russian Federation for young scientists and postgraduate students.
Eight specialists of RSC Energia participated in the contest. V. Kapranov's work "Detecting and pointing optoelectronic systems for wireless energy and data transfer at a distance 100 m - 1000 km on Earth and in space" was considered the best one. Altogether, the President's grant in the sphere of "Space technologies related to telecommunications, including both GLONASS and ground infrastructure development program" has been awarded to 41 young scientists.

A street in Korolev will be named after Academician Legostaev
February 20, 2015 More...

The Board of Deputies of the urban district Korolev made a decision to name one of the town streets after General Designer of RSC Energia (being a part of URSC), Academician Viktor Pavlovich Legostaev.
On the suggestion of the head of the town of Korolev Alexander Khodyrev, the Silikatnaya street will be named after a distinguished scientist and designer.

RSC Energia: the URSC housing policy development meeting
February 19, 2015 More...

A management meeting of human resource departments of the URSC (United Rocket and Space Corporation) enterprises, Russian Housing Development Foundation specialists and biggest banking authorities and financial structures of Russia was convened at RSC Energia in Korolev (Moscow Region). The meeting participants shared best practices of implementation of their own housing programs, and discussed the development of fundamentals of the URSC housing policy. The meeting was held with the participation of ROSCOSMOS, URSC and Russian Housing Development Foundation, summarizing the meeting results a working group for developing the URSC draft housing policy will be formed.

Young people from Sukhoi Company in the Museum of  the Experimental-Machine Building Plant Young people from Sukhoi Company visited RSC Energia
February 18, 2015 More...

A delegation of young employees of JSC Sukhoi Compnay visited RSC Energia on a familiarization tour. The young people visited the Museum of the Corporation and the exhibition at the Center for Technology and Personnel Development of the Experimental-Machine Building Plant. The visit of the delegation from the Russia's largest aviation holding company was organized by the Council of Young Specialists of the Corporation.

Progress M-26M logistics spacecraft has docked with the ISS Progress M-26M logistics spacecraft has docked with the ISS!
February 17, 2015 More...

Russian logistics spacecraft Progress M-26M has docked with the International Space Station (ISS).
Approach of the logistics vehicle to the space station, its fly-around and stationkeeping were performed in automatic mode during the first four orbits of the flight, the docking of the vehicle with the station was completed during the fifth orbit.

The launch of LV Soyuz with Progress M-26M CV Unmanned logistics spacecraft Progress M-26M is in orbit
February 17, 2015 More...

At 14:00:17 Moscow Time, logistics spacecraft Progress M-26M was launched from the Baikonur launch site using Soyuz-U launch vehicle.
The purpose of the launch is to support further in-orbit operation of the International Space Station (ISS) in accordance with Russian commitments under that project.

LV Soyuz  on  the launch pad Soyuz launch vehicle rollout to the launch pad
February 15, 2015 More...

At Baikonur launch site the preparations continue for the launch of Progress M-26M cargo vehicle under the International Space Station program.
Soyuz launch vehicle was rolled out from the integration building to the launch pad.
Soyuz-U launch vehicle with Progress M-26M transport vehicle is installed on the launch pad.
L-2 days activities have been started.

Important Anniversaries of the Corporation

April 23, 2015 - 50 years since the injection into orbit of relay satellite Molniya-1. Hereinafter LV were called Molniya.

March 18-19, 2015 - the 50-th anniversary of multiseat satellite-spacecraft Voskhod-2 flight with the crew consisting of P.I. Belyaev, A.A. Leonov. For the first time in the world A.A. Leonov performed extravehicular activity (EVA) and his free flight in space.


March 27, 2015
LV Soyuz with SC Soyuz TMA-16M launch is planned.
February 17, 2015
LV with Progress M-26M SC is launched.

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