RSC Energia: Cargo Vehicle Progress -05 was launched to the ISS
February 22, 2017
 Launch of CV Progress -05 Today, on February 22, new-series transport cargo vehicle (TCV) Progress -05 developed and manufactured by RSC Energia was successfully put into low Earth orbit by launch vehice Soyuz-U and is headed for the International Space Station (ISS).
On February 22, 2017 at 08:58:33 Moscow time the launch vehicle with the cargo spacecraft was launched from Site No.1 (Gagarins launch pad) of the Baikonur cosmodrome. According to telemetry data, the vehicle separation from the third stage of the launch vehicle occurred on schedule. The deployment of antennas and solar array panels was detected. The vehicle was taken under control and started a classical four-orbit rendezvous with the ISS.

Thirty one years from the launch of the Core Module of Station Mir RSC Energia: Thirty one years from the launch of the Core Module of Station Mir
February 20, 2017 More...

On February 20, 1986 launch vehicle Proton carrying core module of Orbital Complex Mir lifted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome.
Launch of core module has marked the start of construction of the Soviet/Russian multi-module research orbital station designed by NPO Energia (currently RSC Energia). The module was equipped with six docking assemblies. For ten years, modules Kvant, Kvant-2, technological module Cristal, optical module Spectr, research module Priroda and the docking compartment intended to receive the US Space Shuttles docked to the Core Module one after another. Two hundred and eighty organizations under the authority of 20 ministries worked on the development of Station Mir.

CV Progress -05 RSC Energia: The State Commission admitted the launch vehicle with Progress MS-05 to installation on the launch pad
February 19, 2017 ...

The representatives of the Technical Management and State Commission on Baikonur cosmodrome issued a decision on readiness of the rocket and space complex consisting of new-series transport cargo vehicle Progress MS-05 and launch vehicle Soyuz-U for roll-out and erection at the launch pad.
Today, the final integration of the rocket and space complex has been successfully completed. In the course of the day the nose assembly with the vehicle was mated to the third stage of the rocket at the integration and checkout facility of launch vehicles.

CV Progress -05 RSC Energia: Progress MS-05 logistics vehicle has been transported for integration with the launch vehicle
February 17, 2017 ...

The new-series logistics vehicle Progress -05 within the orbital module was transported for final integration with launch vehicle Soyuz-U.
The transportation was performed by rail. A set of processing activities for final integration will be conducted at the integration and checkout facility of the launch vehicles within the processing operations.

CV Progress -05 RSC Energia: Designers Inspection of Progress MS-05 Cargo Vehicle
February 17, 2017 ...

RSC Energia specialists (being part of SC ROSCOSMOS) working at Baikonur launch site have conducted designers inspection of the cargo transport vehicle Progress MS-05 and performed encapsulation of the medium launch vehicle Soyuz-U.
The vehicle preparations for the launch are being performed at the spacecraft processing facility at the Baikonur launch site.

Cargo Vehicle Progress -05 RSC Energia: cargo vehicle Progress S-05 is mated to the Transfer Compartment
February 16, 2017 ...

Specialists from RSC Energia (being part of SC ROSCOSMOS) successfully performed a set of processing operations in Baikonur cosmodrome on mating transport cargo vehicle Progress S-05 to the transfer compartment.
The vehicle prelaunch processing under the International Space Station (ISS) is under way in the spacecraft assembly and testing facility in Baikonur cosmodrome.

Cargo Vehicle Progress -05 RSC Energia: cargo vehicle Progress MS-05 has been filled with propellant components
February 14, 2017 ...

Today on February 14 specialists of RSC Energia (is a part of SC ROSCOSMOS) at the Baikonur Cosmodrome successfully completed a set of technological operations for filling cargo transport vehicle (CTV) Progress MS-05 with propellant components and compressed gases at the filling station.
After this procedure the cargo vehicle has been delivered to Spacecraft Assembly & Testing Facilities (SC A&TF) and installed in the jig for further prelaunch processing.

 45 years since the launch of Luna-20 RSC Energia: 45 years since the launch of Luna-20
February 14, 2017 More...

On February 14, 1972 Luna-20 was launched from Baikonur. It is automatic interplanetary station (AIS) which for the first time delivered to the Earth the lunar soil samples taken in an inaccessible continental region of the moon.
The station was injected into the flight trajectory toward the moon by the Proton-K launch vehicle. In four days after the launch AIS was transferred to a circular selenocentric orbit. The soft landing on the Moons surface was made on February 21 in the mountainous region between Mare Fecundidatis and Mare Crisium.

Important Anniversaries of the Corporation

April 9, 2017 - 30 years since docking of astrophysical module Kvant to the Mir orbital complex.

March 31, 2017 - 30 years since the launch of special-purpose astrophysical module Kvant for docking to the Mir orbital complex.

March 1, 2017 - 105 years since the birthday of the Academician Boris Yevseevich Chertok.