July 14, 2007.  S.P. Korolev RSC Energia,
Korolev, Moscow Region

Annual General Stockholders’ Meeting of Public Company (OAO) S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia convened in the established order by the Corporation Board of Directors’ decision was held. The list of the persons empowered to participate in decision-taking on the Meeting agenda items was drawn up based upon the data from the Corporation Register of Shareholders as of May 28, 2007, 17 hours 30 minutes.
The meeting records show 3716 participants representing the interests of the enterprise shareholders who own, in the aggregate, 887433 shares, which amounted to 76,97% of the total numbers of the joint stock company’s voting shares.
The Shareholders’ Meeting Agenda included 15 items, among which the issues of the Corporation financial-economic activities were compulsory for an annual review, while the other issues came within its competence according to Federal Law "On Joint Stock Companies". The items not put on the Agenda were ignored at the Meeting.
N.N. Sevastiyanov, V.V. Matskaylo, L.E. Fedorin delivered reports on the performance of OAO RSC Energia after S.P. Korolev in 2006.
As the result of voting, the Meeting has not accepted the report on the 2006 performance of OAO RSC Energia after S.P. Korolev and its annual accounts.
Limited Liability Company "Interekspertiza" was approved as the Corporation Auditor.
The Board of Directors was selected and its membership is as follows: Alexander Vasilyevich Anoshkin (RF President Adminstration); Sergei Alexandrovich Bushmakin (Private Pension Fund "Gazfond"); Anatoliy Grigorievich Gavrilenko (ALOR Group); Vitaly Anatolyevich Davydov (Roscosmos); Nikolai Ivanovich Zelenschikov (OAO RSC Energia after S.P. Korolev); Alexander Viktorovich Lyukhin (RF Ministry of Defense); Nikolai Fyodorovish Moiseev (RF Government); Nikita Mikhailovich Muravyouv (Federal Agency for Federal Property Management); Andrei Anatolyevich Pankratov (Roscosmos); Alexander Fyodorovich Strekalov (OAO RSC Energia after S.P. Korolev); Valeriy Alexandrovich Subbotin (RF Ministry of Economic Development).
The Meeting elected the Corporation Auditing Committee.
On July 31, 2007 the next Extraordinary Stockholders’ Meeting of OAO S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia is scheduled to be held. The next Meeting Agenda, will be devoted to an early termination of President N.N. Sevastiyanov authority, election of Chief Executive officer – President of the Corporation.




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