About the docking of Progress M-47 to the International Space Station

February 4, 2003. Korolev, Moscow Region.

The Russian cargo vehicle Progress M-47 launched from the Cosmodrome Baikonur on 2nd of February, 2003 docked today to the International Space Station (ISS) after the 2 days autonomous flight on the near-earth orbit.
The vehicle approached to the free longitudinal docking port of the Service Module Zvezda of ISS. The berth touch occurred at 17:49 in Moscow time. The approach of vehicle with the ISS Orbital Complex, its fly-about and docking were made in automatic mode. On the final phase of vehicle/Station docking during vehicle's fly-about and berthing they were within the zone of vision of the Russian Ground Measurement Stations.
The ISS 6th main Expedition crew (ISS-6) consisting of Kennet Bauersocks (Commander, NASA), Nikolai Budarin (on-board engineer, RSC Energia), Donald Pettit (on-board engineer, NASA) operating on-board the Station monitored the approaching/docking process realization.
The vehicle delivered more than 2.5 tons of various cargoes including 870 kg of propellant in the Refueling System tanks for the Station.
The ISS-6 shall perform the vehicle unload and stow the delivered cargoes on-board the Station, as well as download the wasted materials and equipment to the vehicle.
The ISS Orbital Complex of about 189.4 tons operates consisting of Functional Cargo Module Zarya, Service Module Zvezda, docking compartment - Module Pirs, cargo vehicle Progress M-47, manned vehicle Soyuz TMA-1, U.S. modules Unity and Destiny and Quest Airlock.
The ISS flies on the near-earth orbit with the following parameters, maximum altitude 408.0 km, minimum altitude 384.5 km, period of revolution of 92.2 min.
The vehicle on-board systems and Station Modules operate in a design mode.
The ISS flight control is performed by Main Operational Management Group from the Mission Control Center (MCC-M), Korolev, Moscow Region along with the U.S. Mission Control Center (MCC-H), Houston. The Flight Director in MCC-M is V.A. Soloviev, space pilot, RSC Energia.
During the cargo vehicle docking to the ISS the MCC-M was attended by V.A. Grin, Co-Chairman of State Committee (Deputy Director of TsNII Mash); Yu. P. Semenov, Technical Manager of Russian Manned Space Programs (General Designer of S.P. Korolev RSC Energia); N.A. Anfimov, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Director of TsNII Mash); representatives of Rosaviacosmos and NASA and related enterprises and entities involved in the Progress M-47 manufacturing, preparation and launch and the ISS Russian Segment control.
After the docking completion Yu.P. Semenov, General Designer of RSC Energia, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences answered the questions of journalists from the leading Russian and foreign news agencies and TV companies attended the MCC-M.







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