December 3, 2001. Korolev, Moscow area.

The crew of the main expedition ISS-3 on the International Space Station (ISS) have performed an EVA.
The objective of the EVA was to recover from an Off-Nominal Situation (ONS) which occurred during docking of Progress M1-7 logistics vehicle at the final phase of mating the active Docking Assembly (DA) with the passive docking assembly on Service Module Zvezda.
This situation prevented successful completion of nominal docking timeline on November 29, 2001.
A preliminary ONS analysis, which included viewing video records of Progress M-45 undocking from ISS, and Progress M1-7 docking, showed that there was a flexible curved foreign object on the docking plane of the Zvezda module docking assembly.
During the EVA performed from the Russian docking comparment, Pirs module, cosmonauts M.Turin (flight engineer, cosmonaut tester of RSC Energia) and V.Dezhurov (pilot, commander of Soyuz TM) removed this object which turned out to be a sealing rubber ring from the active docking assembly of Progress M-45, which had remained on the Zvezda module DA ever since they undocked on November 22, 2001. ISS-3 crew commander Frank Culbertson stayed inside the space station and monitored the extravehicular activities from within.
During EVA operations, on commands from the ground the logistics vehicle was moved along the docking probe of its DA relative SM, and eventually the probe was retracted to finally mate the logistics vehicle with the space station.
As a result of the EVA operation, the vehicle docking with ISS was finally completed.
In the course of the activities, and during the transit of the cosmonauts between Pirs module and the docking area, they took photographs, including those that support the work under the program of space research and experiments conducted on ISS.
The difficult and labor-intensive work of removing the sealing ring was successfully completed owing to well coordinated activities of cosmonauts and specialists from the Lead Operations Control Team (LOCT).
The operation lasted 2 h 47 min. The EVA hatch on the Pirs module was opened at 16:20 Moscow time, and it was closed at 19:07.
This was the fifth EVA performed by ISS crew.
It is planned to return the recovered sealing ring to Earth for study in order to establish the causes of the situation, which occurred for the first time in 30 years of operation of this DA design.
Upon completion of the EVA, the seal of the interface was checked, and on-board systems of the station were reset to their initial condition.
Based on reports from the crew and LOCT that controlled and monitored the space station mission from the Mission Control Center near Moscow (MCC-M), the crew feels well and the status of the ISS on-board systems is within design limits.
During EVA operations of the ISS-3 crew, among those present at the MCC-M were the Technical Director of Russia's manned space program, General Designer of RSC Energia, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yu.P.Semenov, Rosaviacosmos Director General Yu.N.Koptev, RSC Energia specialists, representatives of Rosaviakosmos and other organizations in the industry.





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