April 15-17, 2013
Shooting some scenes from a new feature film about S.P. Korolev took place at RSC Energia

Cycle of shooting operations to create a new feature film entitled "General Designer" devoted to the activities of academician S.P. Korolev, General Designer of rocket-space systems and the founder of practical cosmonautics and this enterprise, has been completed at S.P. Korolev Rocket Space Corporation Energia.

The film covers the period from 1947 till 1965 when under Sergei Pavlovich's direction the first national long-range ballistic missiles were built; the groundwork for the national rocket-nuclear shield was laid; activities had been conducted resulting in start of space age for mankind and era of human space flights. The film director, script writer, producer is famous man of cinematic art Yu.V. Kara.

Korolev's daughter Natalia Sergeevna, RSC Energia specialists and veterans took part in literary script of the film. Many of their wishes were taken into account in the film which made it possible to show many-sided personality of the General Designer as the purposeful man - the creator of new technology, outstanding scientist, great engineer and first-rate organizer, on the one hand, and as the strong-willed, responsible, optimistic, considerate man, very attentive to his associates and other people, on the other hand.

The exhibits displayed in RSC Energia museum and the Center for Technologies Development and Personnel Training were striking illustration of the past epoch during shooting the film about the General Designer which confirmed a possibility to bring back the memories of the past using the art of the cinema, to make a film version of the beginning of national rocket technology and cosmonautics development. Among these exhibits there were full-scale mockups of the pioneer national ballistic missiles, the first artificial Earth satellites, descent module of space vehicle Vostok flown by the world's first cosmonaut Yu.A. Gagarin; descent module of space vehicle Voskhod-2, from which A.A. Leonov went out to perform his historical space walk in outer space; full-size mockups of Vostok and Vokhod space vehicles and many other things.

In the course of shooting operations performed at RSC Energia, the scenes were filmed in which S.P. Korolev was monitoring manufacture of the first artificial Earth satellites and their prelaunch processing, launch, as well as the flight of Vostok space vehicle with the world's first cosmonaut Yu.A. Gagarin onboard; prelaunch processing and flight of space vehicle Voskhod with cosmonauts A. Leonov and P.  Belyaev onboard; A. Leonov going out from the vehicle into open space and returning back to it, as well as other scenes showing painstaking efforts of the enterprise team and its achievements in creating and testing new rocket and space technology.


For reference:

  1. The following actors were involved in the scenes of the film shot at RSC Energia: Valeriy Grishko (as S.P. Korolev); Roman Krymov (O.G. Ivanovskiy); Alexandr Korobkov (M.S. Khomyakov) Alexandr Oleshko (V.I. Yadzovskiy); Alexei Bogachuk-Peturkhov (Yu. Gagarin); Sergei Godin (G. Titov); Richard Bondarev (P. Popovich); Alexandr Lubinets (V. Bykovskiy); Denis Sydelnikov (A. Nikolaev); Fyodor Lavrov (A. Leonov); Nikolai Burlak (P. Belyaev) and others.
  2. The film is being shot on the order of the Russian Federation Ministry of Culture, with the support of the Federal Space Agency, RSC Energia and other space industry enterprises, S.P. Korolev's family, as well as OAO RZHD as the company - successor of the Ministry of Communications, which at that time along with the Defense Ministry railway troops provided transport support of Baikonur Cosmodrome activities, including construction of transport routes on the cosmodrome.
  3. The film is the second creative work of film director Yu.V. Kara about S.P. Korolev, which continues the biographical film entitled "Sergei Korolev. General Designer" about the career of the future General Designer of rocket-space systems from the mid - 1930 s till the early 1940 s. The first cosmonauts team representatives (A.A. Leonov and other cosmonauts) and N.S. Koroleva initiated shooting this biographical film.
  4. Information about the film, including the approved cast of actors, photographic materials of the scenes shot can be found on site:


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July 7, 2016
The launch of LV Soyuz with SC TMA MS is planned
March 31, 2016
LV Soyuz-2.1a with CV Progress MS-02 is launched.

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