Mini Research Module POISK

MRM2 as part of ISSMini Research Module Poisk (MRM2) is the fourth module in the Russian Segment of the International Space Station and, along with providing opportunities for conducting scientific experiments, is intended for spacecraft dockings and extravehicular activity support.

MRM2 was built using, to the maximum extent possible, the existing designs for Docking Compartment DC1 Pirs and Progress M-DC1. As compared with the Pirs module, a number of modifications have been introduced based on its operation, as well as modifications needed to support scientific experiments.

External view
of the Poisk module
Poisk module
integrated into the cargo vehicle
External view of the Poisk module
Poisk Module integrated into the cargo vehicle

The module is delivered integrated into a cargo vehicle/module, in a way that is similar to the delivery of the Pirs module using instrumentation and propulsion compartment of Progress M. Delivered onboard the module for the needs of the space station will be about 850 kg of cargoes.

Module utilization started in January 2010 after establishing cable lines connecting the module with the station during EVA.

MRM2 Poisk as a part of ISS